4 Church Activities for Older Adults

Seniors are younger at heart. They enjoy doing fun activities to keep them going. While some may remain strong, others might have limitations due to age-related challenges seniors have to face. Keeping in mind their health, churches must consider having a few fun activities to keep them indulge. Experts at Philadelphia elderly care shares a few activities older adults may enjoy.

Initiate a Book Club in Church

You are never too old to read a book. Reading has always been a good habit. For encouraging the older adults to socialize and interact, starting a book club may prove to be beneficial. Elders must be suggested to read a book chosen by different members or they may decide a particular genre. They can lend a book from the closest library, buy it from a bookshop or read it online. A discussion should be held on weekly or monthly basis, whatever suits most, in the church on the particular book they have read. In this way, elders are encouraged to interact with others. There are a variety of books out there, written on biblical studies.

Ask General Questions

An activity based on asking couple of questions from the elders can be played in the church. A list of simple and general questions must be prepared beforehand. Questions may ask them about their fondest memories, first day at work, best vacations, marriage, spouses, children, favorite pets, favorite colors, favorite celebrity and favorite hobby. The question can be written on a piece of paper and kept in a jar. Let them draw a piece of paper and answer the question written on it. To answer the questions, they will be forced to recall their memories which will be helpful for them. As with age, elders tend to have memory issues.

Sing Along

Every once in a while, make the seniors choose a hymn they wish to sing and let them sing. They will surely love to have a gathering of seniors, singing church songs. They might choose an old hymn, so you have to have a pianist accustomed to old tomes. Let them have a fun time and encourage those scared of singing aloud.

Game Session

Ask the elders to bring their favorite games one by one. Plan a game session with them. Classic board games such as chess can be provided to them as well. It is a good activity to engage and make them active.

To care for your loved one is often quite an overwhelming task. Family caregivers should consider professional home care. In Philadelphia home care, experts help elders to manage their daily activities in the comfort of their home.

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